High efficient boiler


Although most boiler components are quite reliable, they do occasionally fail. Typically when one of your boiler components fails your system will malfunction or stop working completely. Some components on […]

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Boiler Re-pipe

Near Boiler Piping

Near boiler piping consists of piping and components vital for your hydronic heating system to work correctly and efficiently. A problem with one of these components can lead to leaks, […]

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Circulating Pumps


Circulating pumps are the heart of your hydronic heating system. When a circulator fails your system has no way of moving the heat away from the boiler to where it’s […]

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Hot water radiator

Radiators & Convectors

If care is taken to not inadvertently damage a radiator or convector they will typically last decades without the need for repair. However there are some wearable components on your […]

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High efficient furnace


Although the individual components in your furnace are quite realiable it is unlikely that all of them will last the life of your furnace. When one of the components of […]

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Fan coil unit

Fan Coils

Fan Coils are generally simple units comprised of a hydronic heat exchanger, blower, a few basic controls and possibly a pump. If any of the components of your fan coil […]

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Garage unit heater

Garage/Unit Heaters

Garage or unit heaters are pretty much ductless forced-air furnaces. So many of the same principles apply. Like a forced-air furnace, the heater will have both wearable and replaceable parts. […]

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Zero clearance fireplace


Like most heating appliances, fireplaces are quite resilient and can often be repaired. Most of the parts on a fireplace aren’t considered wearable, but they can and do fail occasionally. […]

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