Modern kitchen

New Builds

Our new construction services include complete plumbing and HVAC systems. Plumbing services include water and sewer tie-ins, underslab plumbing, rough-in plumbing and fixture installation. HVAC services include forced air heating […]

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Anode Rods - New and Used


A leaking or malfunctioning hot water tank does not neccessarily need to be replaced. Depending on the specific issue and age of the tank it may be more cost effective […]

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Electric water heater


In some cases a water heater is beyond repair or is too costly to justify repairing. In these instances you will require a replacement hot water tank. Click here to see our […]

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Hybrid water heater


If you find yourself in need of a new hot water tank, it may be an opportune time to consider an upgrade. You may be able to replace your existing […]

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High efficient water heater

High Efficient

High efficieny hot water tanks are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas hot water tanks. Save the enviroment and heating costs at the same time. High efficient tanks are available […]

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Tankless water heater


Tankless, or On-Demand, water heaters are a great option if you require uninterupted and highly efficient hot water service. Units typically last 2-3 times longer that conventional water heaters, they […]

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Instant hot water


Instant hot water dispensers are great for filling hot water bottles, making hot beverages and preparing instant soups. The units are small and fit under most sinks. There are several […]

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Modern kitchen


Kitchens are commonly the focal point of your home. A kitchen renovation is a great way to modernize the look of your kitchen, increase its functionality and add to your […]

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Modern bathroom


Renovating your bathroom has a multitude of benefits. In addition to a style upgrade you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly, luxurious and functional. Bathroom modernizations also add value to […]

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Additions, Suites & Basements

Additions, basement (re)developments and suites are a great way to modernize, utilize and/or increase your homes living space while at the same time increasing its value and possibly generating income. […]

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