Modern kitchen


Kitchens are commonly the focal point of your home. A kitchen renovation is a great way to modernize the look of your kitchen, increase its functionality and add to your […]

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Modern bathroom


Renovating your bathroom has a multitude of benefits. In addition to a style upgrade you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly, luxurious and functional. Bathroom modernizations also add value to […]

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Additions, Suites & Basements

Additions, basement (re)developments and suites are a great way to modernize, utilize and/or increase your homes living space while at the same time increasing its value and possibly generating income. […]

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Laundry room

Laundry Areas

Laundry areas have become brigt, welcoming, functional spaces over recent years. Laundry area renovations are a great time to bring your plumbing up to code and accomodate new energy efficient […]

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Tenant improvement for salon

Tenant Improvemnent

You may find that your new or exisiting business space doesn’t meet the particular needs of your business. It might be necessary to relocate exisiting plumbing, upgrade a bathroom for […]

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