Kitchen faucet


When you upgrade your faucet you’ll get the latest in lead-free construction and water saving technology. Faucet upgrades are also a great way to improve the look of your kitchen, […]

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Concealed trapway water closet

Water Closets (Toilets)

Older water closets tend to suffer from staining, lazy flushing, leaks and excess water use. Older toilets can use as much as 13 litres of water per flush, compared to […]

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Bathroom lavatory

Sinks & Basins

Sinks and basins don’t often require upgrading. Typically a sink or basin upgrade is done for esthetic reasons. However on occasion scratches, dents, stains or even cracks may warrant the […]

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Tub/shower with glass door

Tubs and Showers

It’s not uncommon for a tub or shower to breakdown over time. This typically leads to leakage and mold issues. Fiberglass, acrylic, tile and marble tubs and shower stalls are […]

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Garbage Waste Disposer


Garburator usage seems to be a highly debated topic. We admit there are indeed several pros and cons to the use of garburators but we withold an opinion on the […]

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