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What our clients say

“Dustin has been incredibly helpful in discovering a ‘hidden’ leak. A truly honest professional who is prompt & reliable & is now on speed dial!”

Sarah S


“Quality work done by a true professional. Dustin did a ton of work on our place that included shower/sink(s)/toilet installations as well as plumbing replacement.

Always ensured the job was done well above our expectations and worked in a timely manner and on budget!

Dustin is a great guy who clearly takes pride in his work. Highly recommended!”

David P


“THANK YOU, Dustin. I am totally satisfied with your service.

I recently met partial hot water problems at all the taps in my home. So I tried to flush the tank by myself; but I messed up. Gas ignitor refused to work, and hot water pressure remained low. I contacted 6 plumbing companies, but was told they were booked out for the day. I was so lucky to get hold of Dustin at my seven attempt. He responded very quickly, and said he could take a look at the afternoon after he finished his work. And he came, quickly help me reignite the water heater for free. And the next day morning, he came again and solved partial hot water problem.

Dustin is the profession that I like: response very quickly, efficient at work, and explain everything to you like what the problem is, and how he’s gonna do to solve the problem. Highly recommend.”

Shaohong C


“When it comes to plumbing and heating services, if you are worried or anxious (like we were) about trying to find the ‘right person’ or a guy you can honestly trust with your time and money – simply look no further. Get yourself peace of mind by hiring DRG Plumbing and Heating, we certainly did and we will never look back.

Dustin has done all the plumbing for our business of salt water floatation therapy, and we could not be happier! Not only was his plumbing and heating expertise absolutely top-notch, his customer service exceeded our expectations by far. He is simply one of the best.

Dustin is a true professional in all respects – you will not be disappointed!”

Paul M

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