Kitchen faucet

Probably the most common leak found in homes is a leaking valve or faucet. Faucet leaks typically occur in the form of a drip or flow from the outlet due to worn washers, seats, seals or cartridges. Although these leaks rarely cause extensive damage they can result in staining of fixtures as well as wasting substanial volumes of clean water. Additionaly leaks may occur on the backside or underside of the faucet which leads to a leak inside a wall space or cabinet. This type of leak often causes severe water damage and mold issues and should be remedied promptly.

  • ✓Deck Faucets
  • ✓Lavatory Faucets
  • ✓Tub/Shower Valves
  • ✓Laundry Faucets
  • ✓Mop Sink Faucets