High efficient furnace

Forced air heating equipment should be serviced annually, either before or after the heating season, to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. An annual service includes; inspection of your forced air heating equipment, controls and safety devices for proper operation, cleaning of burners, burner orifices, blower and equipment jacket as well as performing basic maintenance as needed.

Errors in furnace maintenance can lead to dangerous situations which may cause serious personal injury and/or damage to property and equipment. Furnace and component maintenance should always be left to the professionals.

  • ✓ Operational Check
  • ✓ Safety Inspection
  • ✓ Oiling and Greasing
  • ✓ Filter Replacement
  • ✓ Compressed Air Cleaning
  • ✓ Igniters & Flame Rods
  • ✓ Blowers & Filters
  • ✓ Belts & Bearings
  • ✓ Condensate Drains
  • ✓ Venting Terminals
  • ✓ Air Filters