Leak Repair

Potable Water Piping Leak Repair

Potable Water Piping

Leaks in potable water (drinking water) piping are not uncommon. Leaks tend to form in recirculation piping as well as at fittings in sections of piping that see a lot of flow. Some piping materials are more suceptable to leaks than others, such as galvanized piping, copper piping, Kitec (orange semi-rigid plastic) piping and especially Poly B (grey plastic) piping. It is important to repair potable water piping leaks, if left untended these leaks can lead to severe and costly water damage as well as mold issues.

  • ✓ Galvanized Steel
  • ✓ Copper
  • ✓ Kitec
  • ✓ Poly Butylene
  • ✓ Pex
Toilet Leak Repair

Water Closets (Toilets)

Water closets leaks often go undetected. Most commonly water closets leak at the flush valve inside the tank. This causes a very slow flow of water to pass from the tank to the bowl and down the drain. Often the only sympton of this issue is the fill valve opening for a few seconds periodically. Although this won't cause any damage to your home it will waste a massive amount of clean water. Other leaks to watch out for include leaks between the tank and bowl, at the base of the toilet and around the valve and supply line.

  • ✓ One Piece
  • ✓ Two Piece
  • ✓ Wall-Hung
  • ✓ Dual Flush
Drainage Piping Leak Repair


Drain pipes are one of the more common places that leaks form in a plumbing system. Drain pipes are often exposed to detergents and/or acidic waste water. This can lead to seals and joints prematurely wearing or pipes becoming brittle and cracking. The most common drainage leaks occur at or near fixtures as well as joints that may be under tension or stress. It is important to have these leaks repaired, the leaking waste water often smells quite badly and can lead to costly water damage and mold issues.

  • ✓ Clay
  • ✓ Lead
  • ✓ Cast Iron
  • ✓ Galvanized Steel
  • ✓ PVC
  • ✓ ABS
  • ✓ XFR
Valve Leak Repair


Probably the most common leak found in homes is a leaking valve or faucet. Valves, such as fixture shut-offs or isolation valves, tend to leak at the stem. This occurs when the stem packing wears out, this can happen due to disuse or overuse. Valves may also leak internally due to worn washers, seats or seals, which means even when they are closed they will still allow water to flow. External leaks will often lead to costly water damage and mold issues, internal leaks can lead to complications when the valve is required in an emergency situation.

  • ✓ Ball Valves
  • ✓ Gate Valves
  • ✓ Globe Valves
  • ✓ Needle Valves
  • ✓ Fixtue Shut-offs
Faucet Leak Repair


Probably the most common leak found in homes is a leaking valve or faucet. Faucet leaks typically occur in the form of a drip or flow from the outlet due to worn washers, seats, seals or cartridges. Although these leaks rarely cause extensive damage they can result in staining of fixtures as well as wasting substanial volumes of clean water. Additionaly leaks may occur on the backside or underside of the faucet which leads to a leak inside a wall space or cabinet. This type of leak often causes severe water damage and mold issues and should be remedied promptly.

  • ✓ Deck Faucets
  • ✓ Lavatory Faucets
  • ✓ Tub/Shower Valves
  • ✓ Laundry Faucets
  • ✓ Mop Sink Faucets
Hose Bibb Leak Repair

Hose Bibbs

Occasionally hose bibb leaks will form at the valve stem or outlet, these leaks can often be repaired from the outside of the building which mitigates the need to cut access holes inside your home. Less commonly a hose bib can burst due to freezing during excessively cold weather. During winter months; close hose bibb supply valves inside the bulding, remove hoses and open the hose bibb on the outside of the building, let the excess water drain out. If water continues to flow or drip from the bibb you should have the supply valve repaired.

  • ✓ Lawn Service Bibbs
  • ✓ Irrigation Bibbs
  • ✓ Convenience Bibbs


Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair


A leaking or malfunctioning hot water tank does not neccessarily need to be replaced. Depending on the specific issue and age of the tank it may be more cost effective to repair the tank. Common repairable hot water tank leaks include inlet/outlet connectors, relief and drain valves. Other issues that can often be repaired include failed gas valves, thermocouples, powerpiles, or dip tubes.

  • ✓ Gas Valves
  • ✓ Thermocouples
  • ✓ Powerpiles
  • ✓ Flammable Vapor Sensors
  • ✓ Relief Valves
  • ✓ Drain Valves
  • ✓ Dip Tubes
  • ✓ Inlet/Outlet Connectors
Hot Water Tank Replacements


In some cases a water heater is beyond repair or is too costly to justify repairing. In these instances you will require a replacement hot water tank. Click here to see our rates on standard water heater replacements. Not all water heater replacements are considered standard, if you have an atypical water heater installation click here to request a free estimate.

  • ✓ Natural Gas Tanks
  • ✓ Electric Tanks
  • ✓ Tankless Heaters
  • ✓ Indirect Tanks
Water Heater Upgrades


If you find yourself in need of a new hot water tank, it may be an opportune time to consider an upgrade. You may be able to replace your existing tank with one which has a higher capacity, better recovery time or better efficiency at a reasonable cost. Additional water heater upgrades include retrofit recirculation pumps, mixing valves, leak detection alarms/shut-offs or drip pans.

  • ✓ Increase Capacity
  • ✓ Increase Recovery
  • ✓ Increase Efficiency
  • ✓ Recirculation Pumps
  • ✓ Mixing Valves
  • ✓ Leak Detection Alarms/Shut-offs
  • ✓ Drip Pans
High Efficient Water Heaters

High Efficient

High efficieny hot water tanks are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas hot water tanks. Save the enviroment and heating costs at the same time. High efficient tanks are available in several sizes and can also have the ability to do space heating. These tanks are direct vent, so they're a great option if your home has gas service but no flue chase or chimney.

  • ✓ High Efficient
  • ✓ Eco-friendly
  • ✓ Direct Vent
Indirect Hot Water Tank Replacements


Like standard hot water tanks, indirect hot water tanks will eventually wear out and require replacing. The latest in indirect hot water tank technology includes improved efficiency, improved recovery time, more accurate controls and more durable materials. There are dozens of makes, models and capacities to choose from. Click here to request your free indirect hot water tank replacement consultation.

  • ✓ Single Coil
  • ✓ Double Coil
Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless, or On-Demand, water heaters are a great option if you require uninterupted and highly efficient hot water service. Units typically last 2-3 times longer that conventional water heaters, they are available in several sizes to suite your particular hot water usage needs and some models can even be used for space heating. Tankless water heaters are also much smaller that hot water tanks, so it's a great way to make a bit of extra space in a cramped mechanical room.

  • ✓ Endless Hot Water
  • ✓ High Efficient
  • ✓ Long Lasting
Instant Hot Water Facuets


Instant hot water dispensers are great for filling hot water bottles, making hot beverages and preparing instant soups. The units are small and fit under most sinks. There are several faucet styles and finishes to choose from, so you're sure to find something that will match your current decor. There is even a module available that will allow you to use your existing garborator power which eleminates the need of adding an under counter plug.

  • ✓ Convenient
  • ✓ Instant
  • ✓ Space Saving



Faucet Upgrades


When you upgrade your faucet you'll get the latest in lead-free construction and water saving technology. Faucet upgrades are also a great way to improve the look of your kitchen, bathroom or wet bar. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and as many as a dozen different finishes to suite your taste. Most faucet upgrades are quite simple and affordable.

  • ✓ Deck Faucets
  • ✓ Pot Fillers
  • ✓ Lavatory Faucets
  • ✓ Tub/Shower Valves
Toilet Upgrades

Water Closets (Toilets)

Older water closets tend to suffer from staining, lazy flushing, leaks and excess water use. Older toilets can use as much as 13 litres of water per flush, compared to newer toilets which can use as little as just 3 litres per flush. A simple and affordable toilet upgrade is a great way to eliminate all these problems and improve the look of your bathroom at the same time.

  • ✓ One Piece
  • ✓ Two Piece
  • ✓ Wall-Hung
  • ✓ Dual Flush
Sink and Basin Upgrades

Sinks & Basins

Sinks and basins don't often require upgrading. Typically a sink or basin upgrade is done for esthetic reasons. However on occasion scratches, dents, stains or even cracks may warrant the need to replace a sink or basin. Sink and basin upgrades are often a simple and affordable way to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom. There are hundreds of styles and dozens of different materials and finishes to suite your taste.

  • ✓ Kitchen Sinks
  • ✓ Lavatories
  • ✓ Vessels
  • ✓ Pedestals
  • ✓ Wall-Hung
Tub and Shower Upgrades

Tubs and Showers

It's not uncommon for a tub or shower to breakdown over time. This typically leads to leakage and mold issues. Fiberglass, acrylic, tile and marble tubs and shower stalls are all subject to age fatigue. Often times we able to replace your tub or shower stall without the need for flooring or drywall repairs. It's also a great time to upgrade your aged and possibly leaking tub or shower valve with something more modern and eco-friendly.

  • ✓ Tubs
  • ✓ Showers
  • ✓ Fiberglas
  • ✓ Acrylic
  • ✓ Tile
  • ✓ Marble


Garburator usage seems to be a highly debated topic. We admit there are indeed several pros and cons to the use of garburators but we withold an opinion on the matter. We encourage you to do your own research and make your own conclusions in regards to garburator usage in your area. If you choose to add or remove a garburator we'd be happy to help.

  • ✓ Garburators
  • ✓ Insinkerator
  • ✓ Garbage Disposer
  • ✓ Organic Waste Disposal



Often times when you renovate your home you may want to add, move or upgrade your plumbing fixtures. When you modify your plumbing system great care must be taken to prevent negative effects to your existing plumbing system. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your plumbing modifications are completed correctly with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Kitchen Renovations


Kitchens are commonly the focal point of your home. A kitchen renovation is a great way to modernize the look of your kitchen, increase its functionality and add to your homes value.

  • ✓ Deck Faucets
  • ✓ Kitchen Sinks
  • ✓ Prep Sinks
  • ✓ Instant Hot Water
  • ✓ Garburators
  • ✓ Pot Fillers
  • ✓ Ice Makers
  • ✓ Dishwashers
Bathroom Renovations


Renovating your bathroom has a multitude of benefits. In addition to a style upgrade you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly, luxurious and functional. Bathroom modernizations also add value to your home.

  • ✓ Lavatory Faucets
  • ✓ Lavatories
  • ✓ Eco-Friendly
  • ✓ Water Closets
  • ✓ Rain Showers
  • ✓ Slide Bars
  • ✓ Body Sprays
  • ✓ Grab Bars
Suites, Basement Developments and Additions

Additions, Suites & Basements

Additions, basement (re)developments and suites are a great way to modernize, utilize and/or increase your homes living space while at the same time increasing its value and possibly generating income.

  • ✓ Kitchenettes
  • ✓ Bathrooms
  • ✓ Laundry Areas
  • ✓ Eco-Friendly
Laundry Areas

Laundry Areas

Laundry areas have become brigt, welcoming, functional spaces over recent years. Laundry area renovations are a great time to bring your plumbing up to code and accomodate new energy efficient appliances and fixtures.

  • ✓ Laundry Trays
  • ✓ Laundry Sinks
  • ✓ Laundry Faucets
  • ✓ Laundry Boxes
  • ✓ Water Hammer Arrestors
Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvemnent

You may find that your new or exisiting business space doesn't meet the particular needs of your business. It might be necessary to relocate exisiting plumbing, upgrade a bathroom for accessibility or add a kitchen area.

  • ✓ Fixture Additions
  • ✓ Modifications
  • ✓ Relocations
  • ✓ Upgrades
  • ✓ Accessibility


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