Anode Rods - New and Used

A leaking or malfunctioning hot water tank does not neccessarily need to be replaced. Depending on the specific issue and age of the tank it may be more cost effective to repair the tank. Common repairable hot water tank leaks include inlet/outlet connectors, relief and drain valves. Other issues that can often be repaired include failed gas valves, thermocouples, powerpiles, or dip tubes.

  • ✓ Gas Valves
  • ✓ Thermocouples
  • ✓ Powerpiles
  • ✓ Flammable Vapor Sensors
  • ✓ Relief Valves
  • ✓ Drain Valves
  • ✓ Dip Tubes
  • ✓ Inlet/Outlet Connectors