Energy Rebates

There are several plumbing and heating upgrades which may be eligible for a rebate. Rebates are typically offered by your municipality, gas supplier or electricity supplier. Rebates may be in the form of a cheque or account credit.

The idea behind rebates is to encourage consumers to become more energy efficient by making certain upgrades more attainable. When upgrading to high-efficient fixtures and appliances you not only help the enviroment by conserving energy, you’ll also spend less money operating those fixtures and applicances. Often times these savings on energy costs will cover the cost of the upgrade(s) within a few years.

The most common rebates are:

  • Replacing high-flow toilets with low-flow or dual flush toilets
  • Replacing a water heater with a high efficient or tankless water heater
  • Replacing an exhaust fan with an Energy-Star compliant exhaust fan
  • Installing a mini-split heat pump in a home with electric heat
  • Installing a gas fireplace in a home with electric heat

For more informtation on current rebates see:

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